Anissa Nouhi - Founder

“We Don’t Predict the Future. We Create it!”

Anissa Nouhi is an internationally sought-after communications expert who has been an instrumental contributor to many world-renowned brands. Educated at some of the top institutions in Europe and the United States, much of her work remains an example of superb branding to this day.

Whether building and leading a worldwide network of press offices or ground-breaking advertising campaigns and events, her aim has always been to provide her clients with solutions that solve their own unique business problems.

With a shrewd understanding of corporate processes and a tested knowledge of consumer strategies, she played an essential role in Benetton Group’s global communication for over 20 years. Promoted to Global Director of PR in 2010, her contacts consist of some of the most important figures in fashion, photography, art, and publishing.

Anissa Nouhi Branding Bridge

Your Brand’s Next Step

Of every structure humanity has built, none may be more imaginative than the bridge. A well-engineered bridge connects, supports, and allows us to experience parts of the world that would be otherwise inaccessible. It moves products and information across greater distances and helps us discover opportunities we may not have even known existed. The team at Anissa Nouhi Branding Bridge serves those same functions.

Led by Anissa Nouhi and her decades of brand building experience, we are experts in multiple disciplines—from corporate and product communications to VIP events, brand partnerships, social and advertising. In addition to a vast knowledge of numerous product categories, our experience conducting business all over the world gives your organization access to untapped markets that may have long been out of reach. To ensure your creative and financial goals are achieved, our methods are based on proven communication techniques and our team remains a constant and reliable presence, handling every task with an eye on creating real financial impact.