Our clients & testimonials

Real Relationships. True Results.

From nurturing emerging talents to working with international companies, our team becomes an integral part of our clients’ organizations by pairing an in-house attitude with big agency services. Bringing an innovative and passionate approach, we love to partner with businesses with a strong, cutting edge point of view.


” …I find Anissa to have exceptional skills in designing and developing very effective communication strategies and activities related to the fashion world, including a solid experience in social media outlets and influentials. Among her personal strengths, are elegance and a strong global vision which contribute to her ability to masterfully manage long-term relationships with icons and influential opinion leaders of today’s fashion industry as well as other sectors.”

– Luciano Benetton – Founder of the Benetton Group

“… An incredible passion for craftsmanship, design, fashion with an out of the box creative vision are some of the qualities of Anissa that I so much admire. These innate traits have set her apart and have distinguished her since a young age.  She has the uniquely perceptive ability to identify with her clients’ visions with an understanding and perceptive aptitude. She relates to them effortlessly and she is able to speak their “language”, understand their business needs fusing her many talents with an unparalleled energy she gives to everything she does.”

– Emilio Cavallini – Renowned fashion designer and artist

“… I have known Anissa for over 20 years and until now, as a magazine editor, I mainly knew her role at Benetton Group. Since I have launched my own business this year, I got to discover how in depth Anissa studies her clients and knows even sometimes more precisely than them what they need to succeed. She works simultaneously on getting the word out, on establishing a strategy and on making sure that it results/translates in financial success. She really did put herself in my shoes and studied all the aspects of the area I opened my business in, from revenue and age to education level and hobbies. She made sure my creative vision for the business and my financial goals could be achieved by giving me incredibly solid advice and by constantly following up on the impact of our different moves. The events she produced where flawlessly orchestrated and again, had a true financial impact as opposed to just buzz and fluff.
Working with her makes you feel on very solid grounds.
“I got this” are 3 words that could sum up how truly competent she is since, to me, she really “got this” …”

– Jacqueline Azria – Founder of Paulette Cold Spring

“… Anissa an amazing connector of talents, a visionary mind with a keen personality wrap with a sexy Italian accent! …”

– Izak Zenou – Renowned illustrator and founder of La Maison Izak

“…Anissa has and continues to exceed my expectations.  Prior to launching my new business, I was struck by her entrepreneurial  acumen and solid business experience.  She has a way of getting to the essence of a project understanding exactly what is needed to succeed. She provided us with a solid and effective marketing strategy spanning from branding, communication and promotion which has resulted in immediate financial results.  Because of her international experience and her impeccable communication skills which includes fluency in four languages, she represents an enormous asset to her clients as she can help develop a business not only locally but also internationally…”

– Federico Perandin – Founder of Il Pastaficio, Il Pastaficio Social Club and K2 International Media